About Me

A creative web developer whose passion is to deliver the best experience to end users. He builds web apps from the ground up using modern frameworks, his attention to detail is impeccable and he leaves no stone unturned to find solutions to client requirements.

He came from the days when Macromedia Flash was still popular and AJAX was in its infancy. He fell in love with ActionScript, PHP and mySQL and soon became expert in Javascript and jQuery. He has worked with different platforms such as Drupal(CMF) and WordPress (CMS) and now also utilize JS frameworks such as Angular and Vue (frontend) and PHP frameworks such as Laravel (backend) for API/REST development.

Over the years, he has developed many projects for his long time employer in the US. He acquired project management and planning skills through practical application and experience. As of now he serves as the webmaster for the projects that he helped complete. On a daily basis, his tasks include working on updates, giving recommendations when necessary and doing routine checks to makes sure all are working properly. At the end of each day he sends accomplishment report directly to his employer.

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