2022, the year we connected some dots

Today marks the first year since we packed our bags and left for greener pastures. I can still remember in the few months leading to our flight we sold our house, our car, and everything that we own. I remember saying, if we’re going to do this we have to go all in, no looking back. 

We were so busy preparing that I had to put off writing on this blog, hoping that once we get settled in I can go back to this. But nothing could have prepared us for what will happen next.

Without going into details, we had 2 house transfers, my wife took a bunch of exams, I did some interviews, lots of travels, 2 championships, sports fests, social events, and more social events. We were never really ready for all that but hey, we just soaked it all in and managed!

My wife passed all her exams and has been a certified UK RN for almost a year now. While I on the other hand continued working part-time for a company in New Zealand.  I also got lucky and passed all interviews/exams for a full-time scholarship from UK’s Department for Education. My course is about to end in a month’s time and along with it a possible job alignment right away.

While all that is happening, I received the best news I have ever received in my life. We now have a baby on the way!

Who knew all of these were possible in such a short time? Everything happened so fast but none of that would have happened if we didn’t have the courage to leave our somewhat comfy life at home.  Looking back we wouldn’t have done it any other way. As Steve Jobs once said, “You can only connect the dots looking back. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”. 

This is only our first step and it certainly won’t be our last. Looking to connect more dots next year especially now that we planted our feet firmly here in the UK.

A water bottle at the store cost $1.
The same bottle at a hotel is $3.
At an airport $5.

Same bottle, same brand. The only thing that changed is the place.

If ever you feel unappreciated, worthless, or undervalued remember that each place gives a different value to the same things.

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  1. Reyshield keen Mabiscay January 24, 2023 at 8:37 pm

    Inspiring masyado Erp.
    God bless


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